Steady is Hiring!

Position Overview

The Steady Collective is seeking two staff members to work in partnership to fulfill the responsibilities of overseeing, managing, and enacting the organization's operations, in coordination with existing staff and contracted collaborators.

The Steady Collective is undergoing a collaborative restructuring to better reflect a more collective nature and serve its mission and participants. These positions will collaboratively split the responsibilities previously held by the Executive Director. While these positions may entail duties that can be done off-site, these are not remote positions. Those with existing relationships to the Western North Carolina Harm Reduction and public health community and individuals with personal experience with drug use, sex work, HIV, and incarceration are especially encouraged to apply for these positions.

Please send a resume and brief cover letter to:


Organization Description

Steady Collective is dedicated to promoting the wellness of people who use drugs through empowerment and respectful collaboration. The organization's goal is to improve overall community health by reducing the rate of drug overdose and the spread of infectious disease with education, advocacy, and direct services. The organization works closely with program participants to provide information, supplies, and support. The Steady Collective also works in communities to reduce the stigmas of drug use and sex work and to bring awareness to the real needs and hopes of its participants and community members.


Job Details

Starting date is at new hire’s earliest convenience 

Pay: $20.00/hr (20 hours per week), hours are flexible dependent upon duties

Benefits: Paid time off and paid leave are included in these positions

Reports to: the Executive Board of Directors


Responsibilities, Roles, and Duties

Participant and Community Support 

  • Coordinate and/or attend outreach and supply distribution on a weekly basis, or more often as-needed dependent on other staffing
  • Provide support to participants during outreach, including but not limited to, instruction on safer injection practices to avoid harmful injuries, overdose prevention information and education of naloxone administration, provide wound care services and educate participants on setting-specific aftercare and make referrals to medical or social services as needed..  
  • Staff ad-hoc delivery of safe drug consumption supplies and some on-site medical care at new sites as these arise (e.g., homeless camps, sites to be cleared by NCDOT, etc.)
  • Attend meetings and calls as required by grant-awarding organizations
  • As time allows and at the discretion of the Board and other staff, attend community meetings/webinars/conferences where issues relevant to the Steady Collective’s work are discussed
  • Coordinate Participant Advisory Council meetings, in accordance with PAC members’ preferences (includes communication about frequency and settings of meetings; paying participants; taking notes; communicating PAC preferences to Board and other staff)
  • Attend Executive Board meetings and report back to other staff
  • Document and advocate for participants experiencing mistreatment in local medical and mental health/substance use disorder treatment settings (e.g., take calls and reports from participants or their representatives; accompany participants to medical appointments as requested and as time allows; request medical records, etc. for participants as needed)
  • Document and advocate for participants arrested, charged, and/or otherwise harmed by law enforcement in violation of general statute(s) that offer limited immunity related to paraphernalia and naloxone (e.g., take calls and reports from participants or their representatives; accompany participants to court as requested; visit participants in jail as requested; request court records, death certificates, etc. for participants as needed)
  • In consultation with the Board and other staff, identify needed roles, available funding, and recruit new employees as needed
  • Supervise Volunteers, and interns doing outreach and other organizational activities
  • Facilitate Volunteer orientation/training
  • As time allows and at the discretion of the Board and all staff, provide consultation and direction to emerging Harm Reduction providers and funders in the region
  • As time allows and at the discretion of the Board and all staff, coordinate and lead naloxone and harm reduction trainings for businesses and community groups

Materials and Supplies

  • Maintain inventory and determine new supplies needed based on participant reports
  • Place all supply orders in a timely manner
  • Package supplies and coordinate volunteers to assist with packaging
  • Coordinate syringe pick-ups
  • Implement installation of Dogwood-funded naloxone vending machines; once installed coordinate with Board and other staff to support participants paid to maintain supplies in vending machines
  • Check and empty public sharps containers on an established regular schedule and maintain data on collected syringes.
  • Take used syringes to transfer station for disposal on regular schedule; preventing accumulation of large quantities in mobile distribution vehicle or at storage space

Administrative Operations and Funding

  • Keep records for staff, interns, and volunteers
  • Keep the Mobile Distribution vehicle insured and maintained
  • Pay all bills related to operation
  • Meet monthly with bookkeeper
  • Collect, enter, validate, maintain, prepare reports from, and share de-identified participant demographics and supply distribution data collected at outreach locations to board members and necessary contracted individuals. 
  • In consultation with contracted research liaison, evaluate participant demographic and supply distribution data to determine local trends, efficacy of services, and needed supplies and programming
  • Write all major grants in coordination with contracted research liaison
  • Submit required grant reports 
  • Maintain relationships with contacts at funding organizations
  • Complete Annual Report for DHHS Injury and Violence Prevention Branch


  • Handle all social media
  • Handle public relations and act as contact for media for the organization


Candidates for the position of Member of the Steady Collective must have the following:

  • Commitment to an evidence-based, principled Harm Reduction framework for services
  • Commitment to confidentiality, non-judgment, and unconditional positive regard toward participants
  • Understanding or willingness to learn safe injection practices, overdose prevention, and wound care maintenance in order to provide education to participants
  • Strong communication skills including openness to feedback and collaboration with other collective members and program participants
  • Valid ID and active driver’s license in order to complete duties for the positions

Special Considerations

Due to the high levels of vulnerability and exposure for our participants and the nature of high levels of interface with participants, we strongly encourage full COVID-19 vaccination status for these roles.